Damp / Moisture / Condensation DMC Survey

Do you need a damp survey in the Swansea area?

Damp / Moisture / Condensation is a regular problem with older buildings in Swansea and South West Wales, especially those which are tenanted.

Buildings have been sealed-up over the years with blocked chimneys, new windows, vents covered – with our lifestyles changing at the same time.

A typical family of 4 can produce 14 litres of water a day, which need to escape somewhere! Typically, this is attracted to colder parts of a house (thermal bridges), windows and walls, where Dew Point is met and condensation, damp and mould occur.

Undertaking a survey and using monitoring equipment, we can understand the Relative Humidity of a room and the Dew Point temperature (100% Relative Humidity) so we can understand what temperature is required to bring the Relative Humidity to around 60%.

We can then look at the problem areas, understand what could be causing thermal bridging and the potential remedial works required.

To discuss a project of this nature, please get in touch to explain the problem and we’ll give you a quotation.

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