EPC “Plan for C”

We don’t just create Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) – we help people understand their property, where improvements can be made, the cost-effectiveness of those changes, and help them plan for the future. The average EPC rating in the UK is D (60 points), a C rating, which is the likely future target starts from 69 points.

There’s no doubt there will be government legislation on achieving certain EPC ratings in the years to come, but it’s not just about ticking a box, with the cost or energy so high at the moment, making your property more energy efficient could help reduce monthly costs too.

Rental properties currently have to be Band E on an EPC rating, and this will likely change to be Band C in certain circumstances by 2030.

While there’s no minimum rating for selling a property, it’s likely buyers will pay a lot more attention in the future to an EPC rating than they have to date! Buyers are now more aware of a properties energy efficiency and the impact on their monthly energy bills.

There is also movement in the mortgage market at the moment too with more attractive products being offered to more energy efficient properties!

So a lot of our work is undertaking assessments, to help you understand the current situation and plan cost-effective remedial works to improve your EPC rating, and lower your energy costs.

If you’d like to discuss a project you’re working on, or would like to start modelling what changes would be required to obtain an EPC C, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.