Residential EPC Booking Information for Tenants

Your landlord has instructed me to undertake a Domestic Energy Performance Assessment (EPC).

The assessment should not take more than 1 hour, typically about 30 minutes and will assess the energy efficiency of the property. If you will not be there, please confirm how I should gain access.

I will carry out the assessment and will need full access to the property both internally and externally, including any loft space and access to heating and boiler systems. I’ll need to look in every room, take photographs and measurements.

Before the appointment, please make me aware of any Health and Safety aspects that could affect the inspection (e.g. does the property contain asbestos), are there any defective elements that may cause damage if checked (e.g. doors that cannot be operated), are there any defective elements that may cause a security breach (e.g. windows that once opened cannot be closed).

On the day, the assessment will include:

  • Establishing the age and construction method of the property
  • Measuring floor areas of the property
  • Measuring wall areas of the property
  • Looking at heating systems including the boiler, heat emitters and controls
  • Looking at the water heating systems
  • Identifying any existing cavity wall insulation
  • Identifying the level of existing loft insulation
  • Identifying the use of energy saving lights
  • Looking at the quality of glazing
  • Identifying any alternative heating (e.g. solar) energy-efficient products

If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07436 211 891 or